Ph.D. in Modeling & Simulation
University of Central Florida

M.S. in Modeling & Simulation
University of Central Florida

B.S. Psychology
University of Central Florida

Julian Abich obtained his PhD. in Modeling and Simulation-Human Systems from the University of Central Florida and currently holds a Research Associate position at the Institute for Simulation and Training’s Prodigy Laboratory. Prior to Prodigy, he had been a member of the ACTIVE lab since 2009 after working for the Minds in Technology/Machines in Thought (MIT2) lab for almost three years. Dr. Abich’s research is within the fields of human factors, cognition, human performance, neuropsychology, extreme environments, human-robot interaction, usability, and simulation. His work concentrates on investigating the role subjective, objective, and physiological (EEG, ECG, TCD, fNIR, eye tracking) measures play in assessing workload and stress in complex environments to ultimately build a closed-loop system, such as one involving a human and robot team or adaptive trainers. He also has been conducting research on the usability of multimodal displays for human-robot communication as part of an ongoing effort within the Robotics Collaborative Technology Alliance (RCTA). His current interests include application in the areas of emergency response, human performance in extreme environments, biofeedback, music cognition, and learning.

Julian Abich
Research Associate

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