Ryan Wohleber
Visiting Research Associate

Ph.D. in Modeling & Simulation
University of Central Florida

M.S. in Modeling & Simulation
University of Central Florida

M.A. in Experimental Psychology
University of Cincinnati

B.S. in Industrial Design
University of Cincinnati

Ryan Wohleber is interested a number of human factors areas including human performance, stress, fatigue, overconfidence, resilience, automation, eye tracking, implicit measures, psychophysiological measures, emotional intelligence, attitudes, and consumer psychology. His long term goal is to aid in product research and development, vehicle control design, and the application of automation and other new technologies. He obtained his BS in Industrial Design from University of Cincinnati’s DAAP program and his M.A. in Psychology also at the University of Cincinnati under Gerald Matthews. Ryan has experience working at a number of design firms and most recently spent a year working on product research and development at General Electric Appliances & Lighting.
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